MAGIX Music Maker 2017 Torrent

MAGIX Music Maker 2017 Torrent

MAGIX Music Maker 2017 Torrent

MAGIX Music Maker 2017 Torrent is a unique virtual studio with more than 8,000 included sounds, intuitive drag & drop controls, countless instruments and professional functions for mixing & mastering.


Customize your version of Music Maker with exclusive loop packages, new effects presets and top software instruments. Add them easily and directly within the program via the Store.

All features Even more sounds  effects  instruments:

 8,000 sounds & loops
Free companion app (advanced)
12 Soundpools (exclusive: Score, Chillout, Dance, Ambient)
12 virtual instruments
Unlimited number of tracks
Professional effects & mastering plug-ins
Live Pad mode with 30 Live Sets

Install :

1. Install the program by running as an administrator Music_Maker_2017_Premium_DLV_en-II_160715_21-36_24_0_1_34.exe file

2. Install the update by running the file mm_2017_premium_update_24.0.2.46_INT_MSI.exe

3. Replace MusicMaker.exe Protein.3.15.dll and files in the folder with the installed program on thosethat are in the folder Crack of distribution . Remember that Protein.3.15.dll file is there in Protein folder .

4. Run the program and register by activation of offline , using any email address and enter the serial number 3-93332-93063-07288-36747-32944-55899 and activation code  48257-61291-46924-93362-51878-82012

5. Next, the program will offer spool and install the additional content , there are instruments and sample libraries . If you wish , you can download the program from the menu , or you can just take everything in hand from the folder Content.

MAGIX Music Maker 2017 Torrent System Requirements:

OS: Microsoft Windows 7 | 8 | 10
Processor: 2 GHz
Video: Onboard, min. resolution 1280 x 768
Disk space: 9 GB
Sound Card: Onboard

More Info :

11.09 GB

Bit depth: 32bit
Language: English
Medicine: Present

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